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Memories digital services enjoy those TREASURED MEMORIES again on DVD or Digital format

Cine film, VHS video & all sizes of Camcorder tapes, Photos, Slides, Negatives and documents,

Audio ~ non-copyright personal vinyl records and tape ~ cassette or reel to reel,

Photo Restoration ~  Memory Card “Lost data” recovery

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Still images ..... Photos - slides /transparencies - negatives - documents

Digital Studio Hi Quality printing

Film and Video ... VHS video - cine film Std. 8mm / Super 8 / 9.5mm / 16mm / Polavision Cassettes

Vinegar syndrome …  Film Decay & The progression of degradation

Nitrate films   ….  Description and the FIRE dangers

Audio and music ..... Personal Non-Copyright Records 78's, 45's or LP's, Tape ~ cassette or reel to reel

Memory Card Data recovery  .... Lost or deleted images recovered

Posting your property ...see important note below

DVD compatibility ... see important note below

Copyright material... see important note below and within Terms and Conditions.

My Free Demo DVD shows how the Menu selection works with 12 options, and contains examples of transfer from old photos, either loose or glued in an album, documents, negatives, 35mm slides and transparencies, (most old sizes, 110 / 120 / 127 / disc film or larger formats can be successfully scanned).

Included are also short excerpts from cine film transfer, 9.5mm Pathescope, Standard 8mm, Super 8mm, VHS video and VHS-C camcorder tape. The Audio transfer album has excerpts from 78's, 45's, and 33's LP, Cassette and Reel to Reel tape, with and without enhancement and cleanup of scratches or background hiss.

The last 2 albums show various Restoration projects and just a few Special Effects that are possible from a standard image.  

Simply request my Free Demo DVD, together with any details of projects you would like advice or an estimate for, and I shall be happy to get back to you.

         Still Images

       35mm slides, negatives, black & white or colour, and all other film sizes supported, 120, 126, 127, instamatic, disc, APS and also medium format 6 x 12 cms or larger. Even old glass slides can be scanned and restored (see Greens Windmill 1903).

“Slideshows” can created for viewing on TV via DVD player, or on PC or Mac. Soundtrack can be added with your own favourite audio CD or Mds non-copyright  material supplied. Menu pages and / or Chapters with thumbnail selection of album tracks, and title pages and /or descriptive information can be added to pictures.  

If preferred, digital output can be simply as "Image files" (.jpg or .tiff) or a basic "Image files slideshow" and burn to CD or DVD, or supplied on memory stick or external USB drive.  (Please see important DVD compatibility note below.)

       Photographs (and documents) 'standard' scan to digital output as required – DVD Slideshows or simple Image files as above.       

On DVD’s, you have the power of Menu navigation. Instead of endlessly having to rewind / fast forward a tape or DVD to find the image you want, you can jump to your favourite album / chapter at the touch of a button. If you have never seen a DVD menu with title albums and / or chapters, just think about the index page of a book. When you select the album / chapter you want, the book would open at the exact page. That's how the DVD menu works.

The albums could be groups of pictures of birthdays, holidays, wedding, christenings, or simply in years, and each or any can be viewed as required.

Using the remote control navigation arrows to move and select any required section, the highlighted red selected thumbnail album picture will play next,  as one album group finishes the next would normally play automatically, or, if preferred, return to the menu for reselection.                   

   Included in our “standard” scan service is a basic colour restoration and / or dust & scratch reduction in order to produce acceptable results. However, if we find your images need additional extensive restoration or enhancement work to produce the required results, this would have to be discussed individually with you, and quotes given for the extra work involved

See notes in Terms & Conditions regarding 'Standard' and 'Special' scanning formats 

        Picture enhancement, alteration, background removal or changed, object or people added or removed, rebuild, restoration of damaged or missing areas, colour restoration, crop / zoom etc.  

Using the power of the latest industry standard software, quite amazing results can be achieved from old, faded, marked, or torn photos to restore them to possibly even better than their original state.

These would have to be discussed individually with you, and quotes given for work involved.  see many examples on the Restoration page

     Digital Photo Printing - reproduced from photo, negative or slide

This is a "two or three stage" process, 1st stage - scanning of the original print, negative or slide; 2nd stage - digital restoration as required. This may be simply restoring back to pure black & white, or any more extensive requirements, and then 3rd stage printing as required.

Scan - this is a 'standard' scan at high resolution to produce best possible image quality and / or  optimum file size, of the submitted original material. Included in our “standard” scan service is a basic colour restoration and / or dust & scratch reduction in order to produce acceptable results. However, if we find your images need additional extensive restoration or enhancement work to produce the required results, this would have to be discussed individually with you, and quotes given for the extra work involved

See notes in Terms & Conditions regarding 'Standard' and 'Special' scanning formats 

Printing - up to 4800 x 2400 dpi quality, up to A3+ size (19" x 13")

• 10-colour A3+ Canon Pixma Pro 9500 professional photo printer

• Exceptional image permanence with pigment inks

• Professional quality neutral monochrome prints & colour control

• Use of Highest quality photo & Fine Art papers

We achieve remarkable, studio quality prints, with complete in-house printing control. The range of 10 ink colours provides the flexibility to produce both high quality colour images and neutral monochrome prints.

Utilises pigment inks for each of the 10 colours to ensure exceptional image permanence for all your printed work.

Professional quality neutral monochrome prints with Photo Black, Matte Black & Grey inks. The two black inks deliver outstanding black density whilst the additional grey ink ensures subtle shading in the mid-tones. The end result is print perfection for all your monochrome work.

Usual scanning costs are from £1.00 up to £10 per image for special or high resolution scans, and printing ranging from £2.50 for 6" x 4" ; £7.50 for 10"x 8" / A4; and up to £24.00 19" x 13" / A3+ size.

                                         Please contact me with your exact requirements or enquiry and I shall be pleased to discuss & quote for you....Contact details    Enquiry form


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         Film and Video

   VHS and Super VHS Full size tape; (Non-Copyright)  Camcorder tapes :- VHS-C cassette;  8; Hi8; Digital 8; Mini DV & Micro MV to DVD  ........  for a complete straight transfer of all on a tape.

Includes adding chapter points as required, or creating each tape as an individual album with it's own chapter points and Main Menu with necessary thumbnail pictures for selection. (see DVD menu navigation details below in cine section.)

Basic editing is included to remove large blank, or unacceptable quality footage, at our discretion.

If more precise editing is required, or only certain sections required, very exact instructions are required either in the form of video recorder timings or written instructions (ie. start with the first view of the car arriving towards the church - end after the car draws away from the church gates. Do not include man falling down.)  


To maintain the best results possible, Standard Definition quality recording mode is normally used giving up to approx 2.5 hrs footage available on Standard 4.7GB DVD, or up to 4.5 hrs on Double layer 8.5GB DVD.  Transfer also onto Blu-ray discs for even more capacity.

     Standard 8mm / Super 8 / Pathescope 9.5mm / 16mm cine to DVD   ........ We use an advanced technology system and telecine 3chip CCD cameras to produce high quality results, with no flickering and the speed of the film is correct. (Many companies have to speed up the film to get rid of the flickering!!!)   If the film has sound, that can be transferred also.  Background music can be added, from Mds non-copyright music or customers own CD.

The beauty of DVD's is  you have the power of Menu navigation. Instead of endlessly having to rewind / fast forward a tape to find the section you want, you can jump to your favourite part at the touch of a button. If you have never seen a DVD menu with title albums and / or chapters, just think about the index page of a book. When you select the chapter you want, the book would open at the exact page. That's how the DVD menu works.  

            Using the remote control navigation arrows to move and select any required album / chapter, the highlighted red selected thumbnail picture will play.

 An alternative is simply to have regular chapter marks (ie every 2 or 5 minutes) throughout the film, to jump forward at the touch of a button.

Editing conditions as above.  Basic editing includes removing major sections of leaders, blank, completely under / over exposed footage only. More precise editing can be discussed and charged as required. 

       Polavision Cassettes ,  Polaroid Phototape Cassette Type 608

See more images on Special Projects page

The film needs to be stripped out of the cassette and replaced

onto a normal cine reel to be transferred.

The film will therefore be returned to you on a normal spool and

the empty cassettes discarded unless you especially require them to be returned.

The Polavision process was a major commercial failure for Polaroid,

being launched in 1977 and discontinued in 1979.

The film is similar to but of lower picture quality than Super 8mm cine film,

and also has been found to deteriorate far quicker.  

The cassettes could only be viewed with the special screen viewer.

Acknowledgments & thanks to Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia.

Direct link to article https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polavision

     Vinegar syndrome  ~  Decay & The progression of degradation  Link to more information

Acknowledgments & thanks to Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia.  

Direct Link to article https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cellulose_acetate_film

This can affect flat negative

film but especially can be

found in Cine film.

Cool Storage  and low

relative humidity is the key

to prevention

A brief description of The decay process follows this pattern:

Acetic acid is released during the initial acetate base deterioration, leading to the characteristic vinegar odor. This signal marks the progression of deterioration.

The plastic film base becomes brittle. This occurs in the advanced stages of deterioration, weakening the film and causing it to shatter with the slightest tension. These physical changes happen because cellulose acetate consists of long chains of repeating units, or polymers. When the acetic acid is released as these groups break off, the acidic environment helps to break the links between units, shortening the polymer chains and leading to brittleness

Shrinkage also occurs during this process. With the cellulose acetate polymer chains breaking into smaller pieces, and with their side groups splitting off, the plastic film begins to shrink. In advanced stages of deterioration, shrinkage can be as much as 10%. There have been some reports of film 35mm wide shrinking to almost 17mm.

As the acetate base shrinks, the gelatin emulsion of the film does not shrink, because it is not undergoing deterioration. The emulsion and film base separate, causing buckling, referred to by archivists as 'channelling.'  Sheet films are often severely channelled in the later stages of degradation.

Crystalline deposits or liquid-filled bubbles appear on the emulsion. These are evidence of plasticizers, additives to the plastic base, becoming incompatible with the film base and oozing out on the surface. This discharge of plasticizers is a sign of advanced degradation.

In some cases, pink or blue colors appear in some sheet films. This is caused by antihalation dyes, which are normally colorless and incorporated into the gelatin layer. When acetic acid is formed during deterioration, the acidic environment causes the dyes to return to their original pink or blue color.

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          NITRATE FILMS   link for more information (.pdf format)  The first step to figuring out if you have nitrate film is determining what gauge of film you have. If you do have 35mm film then there is a chance that you may have nitrate film. Most (though not all) 35mm film stock manufactured before 1951 is nitrate.

Nitrate film can be VERY DANGEROUS, mainly because it is highly flammable. Nitrate film burns at a higher temperature than even gasoline. Chemically, nitrate film is very similar to gunpowder. Once ignited a nitrate fire cannot be extinguished, because the combustion process generates its own oxygen. A nitrate fire also generates nitric acid fumes. These are highly poisonous and can be lethal if inhaled. Nitrate fires are violent and fast-burning.

In Britain, the storage and handling of nitrate film is covered by the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres (DSEAR) regulations found here: http://www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/books/l138.htm

  Nitrate need not be feared, but respected. A nitrate fire can easily hurt you and your property, but there are precautions you can take. The best way to avoid a nitrate fire is to handle the film very carefully and thoughtfully.

• Do not smoke anywhere near the film.

• Do not keep the nitrate film near a heat source, direct sunlight, hot lamps or around numerous electrical equipment.

• Do not store in air tight containers. The film must be allowed to breathe and off-gas.

  NITRATE FILMS link to more information (pdf format) Acknowledgements to http://www.amianet.org for this data

      Cine film Review Service

NOT SURE WHAT IS ON YOUR TAPES OR FILMS??? and you do not have the equipment any more to view them. Don't worry.  For a nominal fee of £25 per 400ft of cine film (or part thereof) we will review and let you have a report by email, phone or post, which ever you prefer, as an itemised list of content. Cine film can be one reel of 400ft or 8 reels of 50ft.  You can then decide if it’s worth having them all transferred, or just the important ones. The review fee is credited against your confirmed order.

Example of Review    

Super 8mm cine film, 1 reel x 200ft(5" dia) and 3 x reels of 50ft (3" dia) Varying degrees of quality in brackets

1.    200ft reel;  starts with views from holiday onboard cruise liner  (good outdoor some dark indoor). 2nd half of film scenes of Venice and Rome. (Quality fair some blur)

2.    50ft reel 1: Three children playing in paddling pool in large garden (good)

3.    50ft reel 2: Caravan holiday, appears to be Wales. Pictures of Snowdon railway (fair to good)

4.    50ft reel 3: On beach, 4 children and 3 adults - swimming - sandcastles (some scenes too bright overexposed)

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     Audio and Music                 

Transfer can be in various formats as may be required. Examples of the formats are:-

Personal recorded Non-Copyright LP’s, 45’s and 78’s.  (or with copyright holder's permission)

Reel to reel Tape - recorded at speeds of  15/16;  1.7/8;  3.3/4;  7.1/2 ips (inches per sec).    This can be enhanced with ‘Noise’ filter to reduce background hiss typical in tape recording if necessary.   


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     Memory Card Data recovery  see article for more information card corruption & prevention

Supported formats :- SD; RS-MMC; SDHC / Mini SD / MMC; T-Flash / Micro SD; Microdrive; Compact Flash; xD picture card; Memory Stick / Memory Stick Pro.  USB Memory sticks.

Most types of card are supported and lost or deleted pictures can usually be recovered from your camera memory card. It is important that as soon as any images are lost, you do not continue to add further images which could overwrite the existing missing data.

However, in many cases we are able to recover the lost images, even if the card has been formatted.  The usual charge for any recovery is £25 + £8 return postage & packing, by Royal Mail Special Delivery, but if we are not able to recover the data, we will only charge the return postage.  Cards should be sent carefully packed, if possible in a protective case, in a padded envelope and we would always recommend Royal Mail Special Delivery.

Please include as much detail as possible about the lost pictures, and any circumstances in which they were lost if known. You cheque should be included (total £33) together with Name, Address, telephone and / or email.  Please complete the feedback form, or email me for more details.

POSTING your property   

We would strongly recommend all valuable or sentimental value material should always be sent BY ROYAL MAIL SPECIAL DELIVERY OR COURIER. Mds will return your material and disc(s) by RMSD / courier / personal delivery unless otherwise agreed. Orders are normally processed and returned within 21 days of receipt of complete and agreed order details.

DVD compatibility   

Mds normally uses high quality DVD-R single layer recordable DVD format (DVD+R double layer) for its DVD projects and these will play in 99.9% of modern DVD players & recorders. Video is normally in PAL format. If required in NTSC format extra charges will apply. By ordering a DVD version of any service, you agree that Mds accepts no responsibility if the DVD created will not play in your DVD player because of compatibility problems. It is your responsibility to check compatibility before ordering.  If necessary our Free Demo DVD-R will be sent on request, or a special sample DVD-R (and DVD+R double layer if req.) can be supplied at nominal cost, refundable against order, to test compatibility. If you have any doubts please order these sample discs prior to placing an order. DVD+R single layer format can be supplied if specified on the order.


You must own the copyright for any copyrighted submitted material, or have permission from the current owners of the copyright, if any part or all of the submitted material is copyright protected  (see full details in our Terms & Conditions)

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