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Memories digital services enjoy those TREASURED MEMORIES again on DVD or Digital format

Cine film, VHS video & all sizes of Camcorder tapes, Photos, Slides, Negatives and documents,

Audio ~ non-copyright personal vinyl records and tape ~ cassette or reel to reel,

Photo Restoration ~  Memory Card “Lost data” recovery

 1960’s  35mm black & white negatives, standard scan of 1200dpi and saved at lowest compression to create .jpg files usually between 1 & 3 MB each.

All other film sizes, larger or smaller can be scanned.

Higher resolution scanning and saved as .jpg or .tiff files as required.

1. Photos & Documents

A. Photos glued in               an album

B. Old Photos

C. Documents

3. Slides 35mm (or other sizes)

2. Negatives

 Slides (transparencies) scanned at high resolution - Standard at 1200dpi & saved at lowest compression.

Basic Colour restoration & dust reduction included.

Can be supplied as DVD show with ‘pan & zoom effects, music backing, selection menu for separate years, events, venues etc.

4. Image Only

Photos, slides or negatives scanned and stored simply as .jpg format.

These could be supplied as required on CD, Data DVD, memory stick or USB hard drive.

Higher resolution scan, special restoration, and saved as .tiff or .jpg as required.

5.   9,5mm Pathescope cine film

 9.5mm Pathescope cine, used from 1911 to 1940’s.

Central sprocket holes were used to move the film and these were easily damaged. This can be seen at the bottom of the screen.

Thanks to JP Nottingham  for allowing us to show this film from about 1935, & piano music from personal 78’s records.

6a. Standard 8mm cine film


 Early  standard 8mm cine film in black & white.

Original titles included by the photographer

Thanks to Jack Cook’s family for allowing us to show this film.

6b. Standard 8mm cine film


Standard 8mm cine film in colour.

Standard 8mm was actually 16mm film in 25ft form, and had to be taken out the camera and turned round. It was slit into 8mm width during processing and spliced together.

Standard audio added


Thanks to Jack Cook’s family for allowing us to show this film.

8.  16mm cine film

7. Super 8mm cine

9. VHS video tape

10. VHS-C & Hi8 camcorder tapes

11. Audio only

12. Restoration & manipulation

Short examples, approx 3mins each ( click on numbered link or scroll down)

Note: quality has been reduced and these are in mpg4 format to reduce loading time

1. Photos & Documents, glued in an album, Old photos & Documents

2  Negatives  35mm and all other sizes are possible. Black & white or colour

3  Slides & Transparencies  35mm and all other sizes

4   Image only   usually saved as .jpg format to CD, Data DVD or USB drive

5   9.5mm Pathescope early cine film French origin 1911 to 1940s

6a  Standard 8mm cine film  Black / white

6b Standard 8mm cine film  Colour

7   Super 8mm cine film  from about 1965 onwards

8   16mm cine film   

9   VHS video tape   full size VHS tapes

10 VHS-C & Hi8 camcorder tapes

11   Audio only   vinyl records, audio cassette or reel to reel recordings

12   Restoration & manipulation

Movies of scanned photos, cine film, VHS  & camcorder tapes, Audio & Restoration

Photos can be scanned whilst fixed in an album with no harm to original photos.

These are all shown in original condition with no restoration.

Documents can also be scanned  and included in a show or kept as .jpg files as required.

Super 8mm cine film in colour. Slient or sound.

Audio added and with original sound

Super 8mm was supplied in a cassette form to easily load into the camera, in a complete 50ft length. The sprocket holes were smaller and picture area larger to produce improved quality image.

Standard audio added

Thanks to Jack Cook’s family for allowing us to show this film.

16mm produced far superior image quality and was ‘semi professional’ standard.

Clients music audio added


Thanks to CB Farnsfield for allowing us to use this film clip.

Transfer from full size VHS tape

We can transfer from your  personal non-copyright tapes, either as a straight copy of a full tape, or using several shorter tapes to one DVD, with opening menu selection.

Transfer from VHS-C and HI8 camcorder tapes.

Transfer also can be from Video8 ~ digital8 ~ micro MV ~ miniDV camcorder tapes.

 Several shorter tapes can be transferred to one DVD, with opening menu selection.

These examples are :-

 A.  78rpm record - no enhancement

B. 45rpm record - clicks & crackles reduced

C. 33rpm record - no enhancement

D. Tape , cassette & reel to reel.  Tape “hiss” can be reduced as required.

Transfer can be to standard CD or in mp3 format

You MUST be the Copyright owner or have permission for us to legally transfer your records.

This can include torn, faded, creased or damaged photos. Also changing backgrounds, adding or removing people etc.

Old photos can be restored to pure black & white or kept in a sepia form

Your original photos are not affected.

All work carried out digitally ~ does not affect your original photo ~ almost anything is possible !