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Photo restoration

These are a few examples of what can be done through photo restoration and manipulation.

I shall be pleased to advise or quote against your individual requirements. Almost anything is possible !!!  … it is all done electronically, not affecting your original photo in any way.

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Please Note: these are small file sizes & quality is only very low resolution for speed of loading

Restoration 1

Restoring damaged photos can be anything from minor to major work involved depending on the amount of damage. Torn, damaged or missing parts can be rebuilt using the existing or in extreme cases sections from another photo used.

These examples show a typical range from fairly minor to major issues.

Depending on the complexity of the detail depends on the work involved, and of course the ultimate costs.

restoration 2 restoration 3 restoration 4 restoration 5 restoration 6 Torn or Damaged photos restored Background or object removal or rebuild

Objects can be moved or removed and / or sections rebuilt to improve a photo.

These examples range from minor background removal, rebuild with various photos, and major complex work of ‘person’ removal and montage of many photos

Again, depending on the complexity of the detail depends on the work involved, and of course the ultimate costs.

restoration 7 restoration 8 restoration 9 restoration 10 restoration 11 restoration 12 Crop ~ Restore ~ Rebuild ~ Zoom restoration 13 restoration 15

The original slide scanned and cropped and the door frame removed and background red paper controlled

This was taken from a gold locket, the picture being only 2 cms dia. scanned and rebuilt to a full size print.

Remove damp / damaged areas on old slides

Damp spots and mould on old transparencies and slides can be a common problem if they have been stored in loft or garage conditions.

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Special  scanning, enhancements and effects Greens 1 Greens 3 Greens 2

Courtesy of Friend's of Green's Mill, Nottingham Scan at 3200dpi from glass slide photo taken in 1903 in quite good condition but dirty & faded


Colour 'tinting' can be overlaid to old black / white photos. Instructions would be required for each colour required.

restoration 14

Discoloured slides restored

A few examples of hundreds various effects possible

Price guide for picture restoration / alteration

Costs are based on the amount of time involved to produce the required results. However a guide would be from £20 for minor faults to £50 + could be needed for major requirements.