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Butlins photo Steroscopic Photograph Butlins viewers Resulting photo Butlins viewer photo Disc film photo Scan Metal Vioce Record from 1930's

Just a few examples of the more unusual items recently processed

Photo obtained from this Steroscopic viewer - scan at 2400 dpi compression 1

Typical small viewers, usually from Butlins with small transparency included - scan at 2400dpi compression 1

Disc Film introduced by Kodak in 1982, but as the image size is only 10 x 8mm results were disappointing.   

Disc film & camera

Resulting photo obtained

Pictures obtained from viewers

Picture obtained from disc

Scan at minimum 4800dpi to obtain ‘reasonable’ results

A metal Voice Record from the 1930’s, made in a “booth” in Oxford Circus, London. Required a special wooden needle to play, at 78rpm. On the reverse side was a standard musical smoking advert for Milo Cigarettes from the 1920’s (click icon to play)

side 1 advert2.mp3

Images thanks to

Stanford Research into the Impact of Tobacco Advertising

Polavision Cassettes ,  Polaroid Phototape Cassette Type 608

The Polavision process was a major commercial failure for Polaroid,

being launched in 1977 and discontinued in 1979.

The film is similar to, but of lower picture quality than Super 8mm cine film,

and also has been found to deteriorate far quicker.  

The cassettes could only be viewed with the special screen viewer.

Acknowledgments & thanks to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Direct link to article https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polavision